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PORET Trust works with the community to address hunger, malnutrition, and poverty.

The aim of PORET is to support the farmers in the low rainfall area of Chaseyama in Zimbabwe in adopting techniques and skills which are essential for them, their families and the whole area to survive and attain a sustainable, productive and healthy life situation.

At Chaseyama, we have begun creating a space in which people can learn adapted techniques and methods that improve the quality of community life. And several farmers in Chaseyama have begun adopting ideas that are relevant to their own sites.

We are currently planning to expand our work since the demand is growing in the face of the climate change problems we are facing today.


PORET is working with other stakeholders in Chimanimani District to realize its dreams.

We have been connecting to other organisations since PORET'S inception. Highlights of our networking activities include:

  • Cooperation with the Global Resource Alliance initiative in Kinesi Village, Tanzania:
    Julious Piti and Elias Mulambo shared the principles of permaculture to plan and implement measures for improving food security together with the local community.
    Watch the award-winning film:
  • facilitating the establishment of the Hapare water project:
    A project affecting the water supply of the 30 families in Hapare. We shared plants, our skills in collecting water, and connected the Hapare group to TSURO, which sponsored materials to collect water from a spring to their homes.
  • our project site has been the venue for relevant workshops for organisations such as the Forest Commission, Environmental Agency, TSURO and CELUCT.
  • IPC9 participants visited the site in November 2009

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Extra Information

Current events

1-5 August 2012


Julious Piti will be holding a workshop at the 11th European Permaculture Convergence in Kassel (Germany).

25 July 2012


Santa Fe (USA): Julious Piti will hold a lecture, "From Africa with Love", on sustainability and permaculture in Africa.

23 June 2012

Global Resource Alliance's 10th Anniversary Celebration

featuring Julious Piti as a special guest
21 June - 19 August 2012

Julious Piti on tour

in the USA and Europe

Related projects

in the Chimanimani area:

  • CELUCT - Chikukwa Ecological Land Use Community Trust
  • TSURO - Towards Sustainable Use of Resources Organisation