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PORET is a participatory project and is formally organized as a trust.


The participatory approach involves everyone in the decision-making process on the individual, family and community levels. There are different meetings in which we decide together and create a common vision to help free ourselves from poverty.

gathering for a meeting. gathering for a meeting. gathering for a meeting.

On the individual and family level, each is allotted a field on which they decide for themselves what they would like to do. It is at this level that PORET has the highest impact, by guiding them to make good decisions through training and demonstration. What the individuals and families produce is theirs, and they own their decisions and process to achieve their outcomes.

On the community level, the Permaculture Club has its own committee, which is elected by the community. This committee has drafted their own constitution to guide them in their decision making processes during member meetings, where decisions are attained by vote.

PORET team members facilitate project initiatives from the Permaculture Club and the target group. They deliver training and assist in establishing these projects.

On PORET's organisational level, there are also many opportunities for participation. At the annual general meeting, everyone is given a transparent insight into the progresses made and is involved in the decision making process. There are also weekly, monthly and annual meetings of the staff members in which we monitor our activities. Guided by the Trust's overall goals and objectives as well as by a policy document developed by the Directors, the Board of Directors decides upon measures to control the project's organisational and financial aspects,as well as human and other resources.

PORET Trust Board of directors

Alias Mulambo
Diploma in Permaculture, teaching experience
Zepherin Ndukumana
degree in soil science
Julious Piti
(Project Advisor, Consultant and Founding Director)
Diploma in Permacuture Design. 20 years experience in community develompent.

Adminsitrative functions

Rudo Nyamudeza (Adminstrator)
Diploma in Adiminstration.
Makowa Enoch (Accountancy)
degree in accounting and financial management. His father has a degree in economics.
Taurai Mutembedzi (Executive Director)
Certificate in Industrial clothing design and construction, practical experience in permaculture

At the Project Base

Blessing Chamudondo (Project Coordinator)
Diploma in permaculture, Diploma in Education, teaching experience

Project officers

Alias Mulambo
Diploma in Permaculture, teaching experience.
Bonnie Piti
Diploma in Horticulture, practical experience in permaculture.
Noel Piti
Diploma in Education, practical experience in permaculture

Security Guards

Onai Piti
O-Level (secondary school form four), practical experience in permaculture
Trymore Kambalame
O-Level (secondary school)


Abisha Mazoyo
Qualification: class two Drivers' Licence, 15 years experience.

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Extra Information

Current events

1-5 August 2012


Julious Piti will be holding a workshop at the 11th European Permaculture Convergence in Kassel (Germany).

25 July 2012


Santa Fe (USA): Julious Piti will hold a lecture, "From Africa with Love", on sustainability and permaculture in Africa.

23 June 2012

Global Resource Alliance's 10th Anniversary Celebration

featuring Julious Piti as a special guest
21 June - 19 August 2012

Julious Piti on tour

in the USA and Europe

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