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Visions and Goals

Our Visions

PORET is dedicated to improving the position of local farmers, access to and use of resources, means of production and participation in decision making process.

"My choice is to work at home - developing something sustainable, something that will contribute light, improve the standard of living, in these very communities that raised me."

- Julious Piti

PORET adresses challenges that are affecting its target groups both locally and on a global level, such as poverty, ignorance, disease, food security, water management, and global warming. We do this by setting an example, through research, training, and support.

We want to:

  • develop environmentally sound agricultural projects in the Chakohwa area together with their beneficiaries.
  • facilitate community-based sustainable creation of wealth, using available local resources.
  • facilitate the equitable and wise use of ecosystems, and a conservation of biodiversity and natural resources that integrates socio-economic development.

Through PORET's work, the living standard of the whole region can be influenced in a positive way. Locally, we can reach 200 families. And we hope that as more farms adopt the techniques, they will in turn serve as models for others to copy and implement elsewhere.

Our Goals

Look and Learn - Learn by doing

Our main focus lies in creating practical examples to learn from. This includes the maintenance and expansion of the Chaseyama Project Base as a Permaculture Training Centre, and supporting other farmers in adopting the techniques on their own land - and in turn becoming demonstration and training site in their own.

The Permaculture Training Centre

We envision a well designed Permaculture Centre that serves as a community-based resource centre for youths and adults and offers training programs on a regular basis. To achieve this, we will continue developing the Centre itself, adding small-scale irrigation and planting more trees.

PORET Trust training programs are to unite and empower the small farming communities of Chimanimani and Marange district to create sustainable socio-economic conditions, promoting ecological land use management of natural resources as well as awareness and behavior change regarding health, and improving food security and marketing.

We also plan on expanding the facilities to include

  • A kindergarten, because small children of the area cannot travel 5km to nearby primary school.
  • A sub health centre/clinic, to have greater skills on the uses of herbs to maintain community health.

Much is yet to be done on our way to bringing our visions into reality. Our plans include:

Organisational development

  • To build organisational capacity
  • Administration work on all levels
  • Workshops, AGM, meetings


  • To explore, create and develop own healthy living environments
  • To develop research projects in the community in the area of sustainable agriculture, environmental management and network with other institutions
  • Documentation and preservation of social knowledge and skills


  • Share plants materials.
  • Facilitate local exchange visits.
  • Receive visitors, showing and training them in our area of expertise (Permaculture).
  • Train local farmers in permaculture by improving their homesteads as demonstrations sites.
  • Set up training examples based on upgrading creative skills of communities.
  • Permaculture training also for children and young people.
  • Organize and conduct awareness creative activities to prepare people to make informed decisions.
  • Initiate programmes on health and nutrition that involve HIV-positive individuals and providing parental guidance to HIV orphans.
  • Widen membership drive by facilitating the formation of other permaculture groups in other countries.


Permaculture aims at designing largely self-suffient systems. Often, however, an initial input of resources is necessary to establish the foundations of these systems. It is our aim to set up a reliable fundraising plan for the project, that can provide

  • funds for community projects, e.g. water projects, tanks, protections of springs, building of training centre, food security programmes, shows, monitoring workshops, etc.
  • school fee sponsorship for poor students.

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Extra Information

Current events

1-5 August 2012


Julious Piti will be holding a workshop at the 11th European Permaculture Convergence in Kassel (Germany).

25 July 2012


Santa Fe (USA): Julious Piti will hold a lecture, "From Africa with Love", on sustainability and permaculture in Africa.

23 June 2012

Global Resource Alliance's 10th Anniversary Celebration

featuring Julious Piti as a special guest
21 June - 19 August 2012

Julious Piti on tour

in the USA and Europe

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