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Chaseyama project base

The Chaseyama project base is an example of what the implementation of permacultural techniques can accomplish in a low rainfall region: a desertified area was reclaimed, turning bare land with sandy soil into productive land.

It demonstrates the wise use of ecosystems in dry land cropping areas, the conservation of bio-diversity and natural resources, and is a highly realistic adaptation of more generic principles for the target groups.

Read about how it all began in PORET'S history.

A comparative example


typically eroded and barren landscape.
A typical view of the landscape of the region: after deforestation and exploitive agriculture, the top soil is carried away by rainfall waters and wind, leaving a depleted, very sandy landscape that is open to the evaporation of any water that may be in the ground. Under such conditions, the cultivation of crops becomes increasingly difficult.


landscape as it looks after permacultural measures take effect.
What the landscape can look like after applied permacultural planning takes effect: cropping between rows of shading trees and shrubs becomes easier as erosion is stopped, moisture is preserved, and ground cover with mulch improves soil fertility. A self-sustaining system with high value output is created.

Chaseyama today

At Chaseyama, many solutions have been successfully implemented over the past years, and there are many further projected ideas aimed at further improving the site as well as at becoming living examples of how the region's challenges can be met with a minimum of input to generate a maximum benefit.

Here are a few examples of how the major issues are being resolved:

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Extra Information

Current events

1-5 August 2012


Julious Piti will be holding a workshop at the 11th European Permaculture Convergence in Kassel (Germany).

25 July 2012


Santa Fe (USA): Julious Piti will hold a lecture, "From Africa with Love", on sustainability and permaculture in Africa.

23 June 2012

Global Resource Alliance's 10th Anniversary Celebration

featuring Julious Piti as a special guest
21 June - 19 August 2012

Julious Piti on tour

in the USA and Europe

Chaseyama today

Important aspects for the success of the project site include: