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Water management

Water management is a central issue in the area. At Chaseyama, there have been diverse efforts to catch, distribute and preserve water.

Care of water catchment areas

water protected by stones from evaporation.

Tending to the landscape surrounding creeks and countering evaporation improves the quantity of water that can be collected.

Water tank

water tank on the hilltop. tank being filled with water.

Situated on a hilltop, water is collected from a spring located in a reforested area nearby.

The shade of the surrounding trees reduces losses by evaporation.

Gravity allows water from this reservoir to flow naturally, without further energy input, to the permaculture demonstration plot via a system of thin tubes.

This tank also provides neighboring farmers with water.

Drip irrigation

drip water irrigation through very thin tubing.

Leading the precious water directly to the place it is needed at minimizes waste due to evaporation. Doing this slowly allows the soil to absorb the water effectively, and thus maximizes the benefits.

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Extra Information

Current events

1-5 August 2012


Julious Piti will be holding a workshop at the 11th European Permaculture Convergence in Kassel (Germany).

25 July 2012


Santa Fe (USA): Julious Piti will hold a lecture, "From Africa with Love", on sustainability and permaculture in Africa.

23 June 2012

Global Resource Alliance's 10th Anniversary Celebration

featuring Julious Piti as a special guest
21 June - 19 August 2012

Julious Piti on tour

in the USA and Europe

Chaseyama today

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